Operating theatre

HSC offers a range of innovative products for operating rooms. These products have been designed in order to provide both patients and users the greatest comfort.

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  • Aseptic washbasin Aquaster

    Aseptic washbasin Aquaster

    [Ref : AQUA10000, AQUA10001, AQUA10002, AQUA10003]

    These washbasins offer ease and comfort during the washing and disinfection of hands and forearms.

  • Linen warmer

    Linen warmer

    [Ref : PLE10000 PLE10001]

    The linen warmer allows to store your linens 24/7 at 55°C in safety.

  • Serum warmer

    Serum warmer

    [Ref : PSE10000 PSE10001]

    The serum warmer allows to store your solutes 24/7 at 37°C in safety.

  • Stainless steel furniture

    Stainless steel furniture


    HSC offers a wide range of quality steel products, fitted to the operating rooms needs.


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