Our activities

HSC healthcare and laboratory products specialist.

The french boilerworks Subtil et Crépieux was set up in December, 1929 by the name of its two founders. In a short time their expertise and the quality of their work were made known throughout France.
The firm evolved and developed new activities around stainless steel products for healthcare.

Now become HSC, the company designs many products along three business units.

Logo HSC neonatology

French leader of the human milk pasteurisation, HSC has developed a range of products around the newborns' universe.

Our neonatalogy products
Logo HSC operating theatre

Patients' Safety and comfort are the key points of health facilities. Our products meet those needs.

Our operating theatre products
Logo HSC Custom-made stainless steel

Thanks to our Research and Development department, HSC offers to design your custom-made stainless steel project.

More information about it.

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