About us

Culture and values

Founded in 1929, HSC has always cultivated and maintained a client-centred approach. Our willingness is to innovate in order to continuously answer to the clients' needs.

These are the values ​​that I'm trying to instil in the HSC team. Your satisfaction is our success!

Jean-Paul DELORME - CEO of HSC

Our commitments:

The company Subtil-Crépieux, renamed HSC since December, 2008 has established a charter through which it commits to preserve the values ​​that have made the company famous:

HSC actively participates in French and European technical standardisation committees. As such, the realisation of the products is always made with the same spirit of excellence.


Certification ISO 9001Our company is committed to improve continuously its quality process based on its management system ISO 9001 certified. Our objective is to ensure that products and services meet all our customers expectations.

This value is declined in all its forms. Whether with customers, suppliers, employees, or other third parties, HSC strives to build with everyone a strong and reliable relationship.

This is the result of our commitments, technical security, normative rigor and efficient close relationship. It is a guarantee of confidence.

Our initial core business was the metalworking industry. This exceptional know-how is used to create stainless steel furniture, operating rooms, clean rooms and equipments around the sterilisation (peri-sterilisation)... HSC offers you a personalised service, from the technical drawing to the development of your product.

All our peri-sterilisation's products are created in order to improve your life.



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